Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring Breakers

Finally saw "Spring Breakers" at a press preview. I've been an avid fan of Harmony Korin since "Gummo," (and I even went to see an exhibition about Larry Clark held in Tokyo about a decade ago!) and as I expected, this latest film, too, didn't betray my worship.

When 'indie' directors become celebrities, (it happens also in Japanese theatre world), they often have opportunities to star popular 'idols' in thier movies. Big budgeted indie films can be on the fence, and as a consequence, it's likely that neither people who merely want to see idols nor genuine movie geeks will be satisfied with them. But Harmony Korin is an exceptional director. We can see that he always has his distinctive style regardless of budget.

Young actresses marvelously act cheeky girls who robbed a diner to make money for a spring break. But the robbery scene in this movie is very ambiguous and seems like a contemporary art version of "Pulp Fiction." A drug dealer called "Alien" played by James Franco seems like a reflection of the director himself who bacame rich, and is getting older but still working with very young people. He might feel ambivalent about American pop culture, yet he shows it sentimentally. Literally, he is "Mr.Lonely" in the dazzling world.